4 Ocak 2019 Cuma

İhale açarken veya bir ihaleye teklif verirken iki taraf için de dikkat edilmesi gereken bir nokta: "teknik değerlendirme (technical due diligence) / tasarımın doğrulanması (design verification)"

Konuyla ilgili IACCM paneline yazdığım notu sizlerle paylaşmak istedim:

"If you are invited to bid for mid-phases of a project, you need to be satisfied with the quality, accuracy, and completeness of the previous phase undertaken by others. Your Client should understand this and consider sufficient time and budget for you to perform a due diligence of the deliverables pertaining to the previous phase, as included to the tender package. This is important should you be liable of the accuracy and completeness of the previous deliverables which you will further elaborate during your phase. Furthermore, if the quality of the past deliverables concerns you, then you can consider more effort at your end to improve that. Based on your findings, you will have the chance to bring it to the negotiation to discuss i) who shall do the identified gaps, ii) what the impacts shall be on cost and time, and iii) reduced limitation of your liability on certain parts of the scope. Moreover, your Client should not end the existing contract of the previous contractor as there is always possibility that an identified gap on SoW (apart from warranty and defaults issues) can only be done by the previous contractor. Considering these facts, I believe that contract period of different contractors of the phases should overlap for smooth transition between the phases."

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